Load Shedding Paragraph

Load-shedding means the cut-off of power supply for the time being. It has become a daily- occurrence in our country. A lot of reasons are there to contribute to occurring load-shedding. What causes the load-shedding mainly is the inadequate production of electricity. Illegal connections and whimsical use of power at home or work-places are also responsible for this problem. It brings unfathomable sufferings to us. It occurs mostly at night. All areas are plunged into darkness. Mills, factories, hospitals, houses get stopped due to it. Students are greatly hampered by it. They close their books and waste time gossiping. Doctors have to stop operations due to the discontinuation of power supply which may deteriorate a patient’s condition. Load-shedding also decreases the production at the mills and factories. In a nutshell, our life has become a standstill. The government should take some steps to solve this problem. The government should increase the production of electricity. Moreover, the government should disconnect all the illegal connections. People are also responsible for this problem. So people must not waste power unnecessarily at their homes and workplaces. Awareness should be created in this respect. Load-shedding will stop if all the required steps are taken.

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