May Day Paragraph

The very first day of May is International Workers Day, popularly known as May Day. This is the day of celebration of laborers and the working classes. This day reminds us of the heroic struggle and sacrifices of the working class. The benefits-minimum age, safety in the workplace, and an eight-hour workday all the workers enjoy today are the outcome of the struggle of these workers. But earlier the condition was different than that of today. The brutish industrialist made the laborers work for around 12-15 hours a day but with the minimum wage. They suffered injuries, even lost their lives. But they didn’t pay heed to this. So, in an attempt to put an end to this deprivation and exploitation, the workers gathered in American City Chicago and raised their voices against the brutal industrialists on May 1, 1886. This was indeed a slap in the face to the wealthy class. The capitalist government and its agent left no stone unturned to choke up the voice of the workers. Enraged, the police fired on the crowd, killed one striker, and injured an undetermined number of strikers. But lastly, all the struggle and sacrifices paid off. The government reduced the working hours to 8 hours and agreed to provide them with the other necessary facilities. After this event, it is decided to celebrate 1, May as the “Worker’s Day of International Unity and Solidarity. ” And this day was first celebrated on May 1, 1890. From then on, this day is observed in many countries all over the world every year. It is a day about renewing their spirit to fight for their rightful demands and against the oppressions.

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