Mujib Borsho Paragraph

The government of Bangladesh has decided to celebrate that 17, march 2020 to 26, March 2022 as ‘ Mujib Borsho’ marking the centennial birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman with the participation of mass people. This Year-long celebration will start from 17 March- the very day when he was born in 1920 with various programs and would end with the celebration of the golden jubilee year of the country’s independence on March 26, 2020. The year-long programs include essay, art, and cultural competitions and prize-giving ceremonies in educational institutions, and the making of short films and documentaries. It is also decided to celebrate the Homecoming Day of Bangabandhu, the Awami League founding Anniversary, National mourning Day, and Jail Killing Day in coordination with Mujib Year. To promote the role of Bangladesh in over libration war, and his struggle for the emancipation of the Bangalee nation, many books on his life and works would be published. It is an undeniable fact that Bangladesh achieved victory over the Pakistani army in 1971, and emerged as an independent country under the firm and charismatic leadership of Bangabandhu Sheik Mujibar Rahman. His love for the people was immeasurable. He dreamt of a sonar Bangla that would free from oppression, tyranny, brutality, and corruption. But, what is regretting is that we are far away from his dream sonar Bangla. Only celebrating a year, we can not repay his debts. If we can bring a smile to the faces of the poor and downtrodden people who he loved most and sacrificed his life that will be the real tribute we can pay to him. UNESCO has also declared to celebrated Mujib Year along with Bangladesh.

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