My Childhood Memories Composition

Childhood is the most beautiful and adored of all life’s seasons of humans. In childhood, everything is different; every day is adventurous; every new day is thrilling and amusing than the last; no worries; no anxieties.

“Everything is a ceremony in the wild garden of childhood.”-Pablo Neruda

Never a human can forget the charm of childhood. The memories we had in our childhood help us pass the bad days, and make us cheerful on good days. We grow up but, these beautiful memories never let us grow old. They keep the child alive in us.

I was born and raised in a large family. And I was the first child of my parents. So, my childhood days were passed with the love and care of my parents, uncles, aunts, grandmother, and grandfather. They pampered me a lot. I was very fond of my grandfather. I used to sleep with him. He used to tell me fairy tales, and listening to the stories, I fall asleep. Going to the Village Bazar with my grandfather was also another attraction for me in my childhood. He used to buy me chocolates, ice cream, toys and whatever I wanted. To ride on the merry-go-round was the main reason for my going to the village Bazar, and my grandfather let me ride on it. My younger uncle always took me for a ride on his motorbike. Those incidents of my childhood will always remain afresh in my memory.

I was very mischievous in my childhood. And my friends and cousins were the companions. We used to play together. We used to steal fruits from neighbors’ trees. Fortunately, we never got caught. We used to bathe and swim together in the pond. Our motto was only to eat, play, and enjoy. We enjoyed a carefree childhood. I can never forget the day when my father took me to enroll in school. I was frightened at first. But I felt relaxed seeing the Headmaster’s smiling face. I was able to answer the questions he asked. And I got admitted to class. There I made some friends. Some of who are with I am still connected.

I also experienced a horrible incident along with the good ones. On a fine afternoon, we were playing in the field, and there was a pond near this field. Suddenly we heard the splash of water. Going there, I saw my younger sister was on the verge of being drowned. I started trembling with fear. But fortunately, one of my elder cousins was there. He jumped into the pond and rescued her. This incident still frightened me.

Childhood memories always come flooding back and bring smiles to our faces. The same is the case with me. I can never forget some of the things that happened in my childhood; I think they will end up being with me forever.

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