Natural Beauties of Bangladesh Composition

Bangladesh is a country abounding with natural beauty. Nature has adorned her with her all beauties, colors, and bounties. The lush greenery sight of all around, the chirping of the birds, sometimes calm and serene, sometimes moody and wild rivers, landscapes of low rolling hills or rise steeply to narrow ridgeline mountains, a large stretch of thick forests, long natural beaches, the eye-catching yellow paddy fields, the rustling sound of the gentle breeze, the moonlit night with her pleasant beam give pleasure and contentment to the mind and senses. Besides, here comes six seasons. Nature takes six different colors and forms and adds beauty to nature. In admiration of the beautiful nature of Bangladesh, Jibananda das, a renowned poet, wrote Because I have seen Bengal’s face I will seek no more. The world has not anything more beautiful to show me.

There is extreme heat in summer. But, it is a season of mouth-watering fruits like mango, jackfruit, lichi, blackberry, etc as well. Sometimes the gentle breeze that blows from the south absorbs the scorching heat and gives relief. The sweet-smelling and colorful flowers-Chapa, Beli, Jaba, Mukul-forged our eyes and captivate our soul. Then comes the rainy season to give us relief from the excessive heat of the summer. The sky remains cloudy. The pond, the canals, the rivers are filled to the brim The nature looks lively in the rainy season. The pitter-patter of the falling rain stirs the soul. Nature in autumn is very pleasant. It brings different colors to nature. The temperature decreases and no excessive rain as well. It is a season for harvest. Nature takes a beautiful and magnificent look in autumn that soothes your eyes. Then comes the loveliest and most charming spring season. It is a season of color, beauty, music, and fragrance. Nature assumes a fresh and lively appearance. A thousand flowers are in bloom; new leaves start to grow in trees; birds sing. The singing of the cuckoo goes direct to the heart. It is the king of all seasons. winter also comes with its sweetness and beauty. There is dense fog everywhere. Dewdrops on leaves look like a pearl. All types of vegetables are abundant in this season. Moreover, the panoramic view of the fields full of golden paddy ready for reaping is worth enjoying.

Bangladesh is a riverine country and the riverine beauty of Bangladesh attracts both her dwellers and tourists. The bewitching view of the river and the natural beauty of the surroundings is mesmerizing. One can enjoy the sunset from the bank of the river; can take a boat ride or just sit and relax and feel the beauty. The singing of the boatman melts your heart with happiness and joy. The Padma, Megan, the Jamuna are the big rivers of Bangladesh. Again the Cox’s Bazar sea beach is the world’s largest natural sandy beach. The enticing scenic beauty of this beach attracts tourists both from home and overseas. Here, hills run alongside the beach; there are small but beautiful waterfalls. The water is clean and blue. You can enjoy sea-bathing and watching the sunset from the beach. The beauty of cox’s Bazar sea beach fills one mind with joy and delight.

Each region is also blessed with enticing natural beauty. some of these are Rangamati, Kaptai, Sylhet, Moinamoti, Paharpor, Bandarban, etc. These places have their charm and beauty. The Chittagong hill tract. The Sundarbans, the lake of the kaptai, the mountain cliffs of Bandarban amaze the nature lover with their heart’s content.

Nature has left no efforts to adorn our beloved motherland with beauties and bounties. Nature in Bangladesh is not only a source of joy and beauty but also it has a great influence on us .our nature is our healer; our hope and inspiration. It motivates us to fight back against odds and survive to the fullest.

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