Natural Calamities in Bangladesh Paragraph

Being frequently struck by various types of natural disasters, Bangladesh is widely known as a land of natural calamities. Due to the geographical location and the monsoon climate, Bangladesh is highly vulnerable to floods, cyclones, excessive rains, riverbank erosion, earthquake, drought, fire. People who live here go through this dreadful experience almost every year, yet can fight back bravely. However, particularly floods and cyclones cause massive destruction and bring immeasurable suffering to millions of people. People become homeless. They suffer from the scarcity of food and pure drinking water. Between 1990 and 2009, 3 violent cyclones hit Bangladesh that killed so many lives. Every year Bangladesh experiences massive flooding. The roads, streets, houses, crops, fields remain underwater. People stay at risk of food insecurity and water diseases during the flood. Floods cause severe damage affecting about 18% of the country each year, but it may exceed 75% of the country during severe floods.

Riverbank erosion is one of the natural calamities that people who live at the river bank have to face. River-bank erosion displaces millions of people from their places of origin. The major rivers e;g. The Padma, the Jamuna, and the Megna devour several thousand houses of floodplain every year. It causes thousands of people to homeless and landless. Bangladesh also suffers from drought and saline water intrusion. Bangladesh’s government includes thunderstorms as a natural calamity, as it claims so many lives recently in our country. Since human beings are helpless against such forces of nature, we can try to reduce the loss by taking precautionary measures.

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