Countable Noun
Nouns can be classified as countable and uncountable. One – whether she\he is student or speaker – should know what they are and the difference that exists between them.
Let’s have a look.
Countable nouns refer to the things which we can count, countable nouns can be both singular and plural.
Dog dogs
Mango mangoes
Boy boys
Pen pens
Numbers can also be used with countable nouns
one day two dogs two books five pens
Singular countable nouns should be preceded by a\an.
Please give me a pen
It is an incredible picture.
He met an accident.
We do not use a\an with plural count nouns. We don’t say-
These are nice pictures
but these are nice pictures
we can use some and any with a plural countable noun and any in the interrogative sentence
= do you have any pets?
=he has some worth reading books.
Uncountable Noun
Nouns which can not be counted are called uncountable noun.
rice, sand, water
We can not use a\an and numbers with uncountable nouns.
A rice one rice two water
Example of some uncountable noun
=Your information about him was wrong
= He took physics instead of mathematics
=Common man should have an interest in politics
=Student should complete their homework
=Money doesn’t bring happiness

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