Order of Adjectives

An adjective is a word that gives more information about a noun. It comes right before the noun.

  • For example:
  • Beautiful lady
  • Black cat
  • Red shirt

But, sometimes, we have to put several adjectives before a noun to describe it completely. A person or a thing (i. e.Noun) may have various qualities. Like-

                             A chair may be wooden

                                  may be beautiful

                                          black in color

                                              old or new

                                               round or square at some time.

         If we want to put all these adjectives before the main, chair’ in a sentence we have to follow a more or less fixed order. The order is:

Determiner Quantity Quality size age shape color origin material noun
     a three beautiful big old round black Italian wooden chair
the two wonderful little new square white Chinese wooden vase

     More examples:

  • A fat old woman bought a handbag
  •          Not- A old fat women
  • The thief stabled her with a long sharp knife
  •            Not- a sharp long knife
  • The man wore a white American woolen sweater
  •            Not- an American white woolen sweater

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