Patriotism Paragraph

Patriotism means one’s unconditional, sacrificial, and selfless love for one’s country. It is a noble virtue. A patriot loves his country without expecting any personal gain. It incites one to do good for one’s country. Love for the country makes humans dedicated, loyal and responsible. A patriot can forfeit his power, wealth, even life if needed, for the sake of his country. No other love is as great as love for the country. Hazrat Muhammad(s) announced that “to keep awake in the border to protect the homeland in Allah’s way is better than all the treasures between the heavens and the earth.” A true patriot is always ready to sacrifice everything. For the betterment of his country, he utilizes all his might, ability, education, money. He endeavors his best to accomplish what is good for his country. Not even death can stop him. A true patriot can happily sacrifice his life. A patriot is bold, enthusiastic, competent, fearless. No fear can frighten him. What a patriot can do for his country people have already witnessed in the liberation war of Bangladesh against Pakistan in 1971. Golden sons of Bangladesh didn’t hesitate to sacrifice their lives to free their country from the oppressor Pakistan. Indeed, patriotism is the surrender of one’s interest, power, might, wealth for the sake of one’s country happily.

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