Permission to Stage a Drama Application

05 Oct 2021
The Principal
‘X’ College
Subject: Prayer for permission to stage a play/drama.
We, the students of your college, would like to attract your attention to the fact that we want to perform a play on the occasion of ” Shaheed Dibos” in the college auditorium. As befitted, we want to stage ‘Kabor” a classic creation by Munir Chowdhury. The play is based on the struggle and crisis of the language Movement of February 21, 1952. It also holds out hope for a new country. We believe that the portrayal of this play will arise patriotic feelings in us and make us feel the sacrifices of martyrs made to have Bangla as our mother tongue. The play still holds its appeal as it gives us an important message on nationalism, corruption, freedom. You will also be glad to know that our Bangla teacher Mr. Chowdhury has already given his consent to instruct and guide us to stage the play.
We, therefore, pray and hope that you will be kind enough to allow us to stage the play and oblige us with your strong support.
Yours obedient
On behalf of the students of
“X” College.

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