Planning A Picnic Dialogue

A dialogue about planning a picnic.

Abrar: You look unhappy! What’s the matter?

Asif: Nothing! My life has become monotonous and machined. I am tired because of the same routine every day.

Abrar: Don’t be so disappointed. I have a thrilling plan for you.

Asif: What plan?

Abrar: How about going on a picnic?

Asif: Picnic?

Abrar: Yes! It will refresh your mind.

Asif: Yes, you are right. Let’s fix up a date and place.

Abrar: Good to see you excited. By the by, where do we go?

Asif: Butterfly Park will be better. What do you say?

Abrar: Ok, then next Saturday.

Asif: Who will join us?

Abrar: Some of our friends and cousins.

Asif: Ok, we shall start at 8 o’clock.

Abrar: What about the menu?

Asif: Hydrabad Briyani. We will cook ourselves.

Abrar: Sounds good. Ok bye.

Asif: Bye.

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