Preparation for Examination Dialogue

A dialogue about the preparation for the upcoming Examination.

Abrar: Hello, buddy, How are you?

Asif: I am fine, but I am worried about the forthcoming final examination to a certain extent. I hope your preparation is good.

Abrar: Yes, I have good preparation in all subjects. It is obvious that you should give importance to all subjects equally to do well in the exam and I did the same. You also needn’t worry. You are a good student too.

Asif: Yes, you are right. I also put equal emphasis on all subjects. But, you know, I am weak in English. That’s the reason for my worry. Please help me in this matter.

Abrar: It is not a serious matter. You should go through the textbook precisely. Besides, you must endeavor to clear the basic rules of grammar.

Asif: Thank you for showing me the way. Anyway, are you attending any special courses?

Abrar: No, I don’t need it. I think you also don’t need it. Attend the class and give yourself enough time to study, okay?

Asif: Thank you for your valuable suggestions.

Abrar: You are welcome.

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