Road Accident Dialogue

Asif: Hello, Nadia! Why didn’t you come to class yesterday?

Nadia: One of my friends is admitted to the hospital. I was there the whole day.

Asif: What happened to her?

Nadia: She met an accident yesterday. She was severely injured.

Asif: Sad to hear about that. How is she now?

Nadia: She is recovering little by little. Pray for her.

Asif: Don’t worry. She will be alright. But it is a matter of great concern that nowadays the road accident has become a daily occurrence in our country.

Nadia: You are right. According to a study conducted by the Accident Research Center, road accidents claim, on average, 12000 lives annually.

Asif: It is shocking. What are the reasons behind it?

Nadia: overtaking tendency, not to follow traffic signals and rules, reckless driving, unskilled drivers, unfit vehicles, and so on.

Asif: I think strict law is necessary to stop road accidents.

Nadia: Yes, the Government must pass strict laws. Besides, the Government should widen the narrow roads and repair the damaged ones.

Asif: We also have to follow the traffic rules and use foot over bridges.

Nadia: But it is shameful that people of our country don’t follow laws on their own unless they are enforced by an authority.

Asif: I don’t know why people risk their lives in this way. Okay, bye, take care.

Nadia: Bye.

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