Setting Up A Computer Club Application

17 Oct 2021

The Principle
‘X’ college

Subject: Prayer for setting up a computer club in our school.


With due respect, we, the students of your college, would like to you attract your attention to the fact that despite being a renowned college, we don’t have a computer club in our college. But, the computer holds a key -role in every sphere of human life now. And to be successful in today’s world, computer literacy is a must. And you know having computer skills is necessary for students too in every way. Computer skills will make our learning process easy and effective. And which also help us be relevant in the job market. If we have a computer club in our college, we can learn skills such as sending emails, conducting internet research, creating word processing documents, and creating presentations. And these skills will help us keep pace with the modern world.

So, we hope you would be kind enough to consider the matter and take the necessary steps to set up a computer club in our college.

Yours sincerely
Class: XI

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