Setting Up An English Debating Club Application

17 Oct 2021

The principle
‘X’ college

Subject: Prayer for setting up an English debating club.


We, the students of your college, would like to state that we all feel the necessity of establishing an English debating club in our college. English is the lingua- franca- the common language of the world. So, English proficiency is a must to be globally accepted. And it is empirical that debating improves students’ English language skills.

It helps improve speaking skills in English, enrich Vocabulary and also develop thoughts and ideas in English. It is also true that a good command of English makes individuals competent and confident in the working fields. Also, English is often the main prerequisite for job entry. And debating can facilities one’s English language skills and make one globally competitive. Debating hones critical thinking ability too.

Therefore, we pray and hope that you would be kind enough to take the necessary steps to establish an English debating club in our college and help us become a skilled generation of the country for the future.

Yours sincerely
Class: XI

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