Social Network Services Paragraph

Social network services are online platforms where a good relationship among like-minded people grow, that is to say, people who share similar ideas and interest or background. As these services are online-based, there are no constraints on time, region, or country. Users can make friends around the world. Users develop a close connection among themselves through sharing, emailing, instant messaging, and commenting. Social network services are also known as social networking sites or social media. Social network services or sites that achieve overwhelming success are Facebook,  Youtube, Twitter, Linked In,  Reddit, Snapchat, Tumbler, Pinterest, TikTok, and Zoom. These social networking services exert a strong influence in every sphere of human life. Users share their photos, uploads, videos, posts about their daily activities on these social network sites. Moreover, people can chat, and make live video call through these sites. In this case, WhatsApp and Imo have made it easy and earned users’ trust. Through social network services, people easily get to know what is happening or has happened with their near and dear ones who live in different locations, ranging from across cities to the end of the world. What is worth mentioning is that social network sites have also brought about a revolutionary change in the process of teaching and learning. Educators uploads curriculum-related video content for learners, especially on Facebook and Youtube. Besides, responding to the popularity of social network sites among many learners, educators go live classes especially on Facebook and engage them in e-learning successfully. Albayrak and Yildrim(2015) investigated students’ involvement in Facebook and opined that Facebook has the potential to increase students’ involvement in discussions and out-of-class communication among instructors and students. It is also to note that nowadays social networking services have become a business platform for many. These sites unveil many opportunities for the new entrepreneur. Due to its being online-based, people who have little investment can also run businesses via these sites. People who run businesses on these online platforms reach clients through sharing and boosting posts about their products on Facebook and uploading videos on YouTube. Also, many companies use social networking services to get to know about their potential clients and partners. Besides, these sites are also of benefit to job seekers. People who are in search of jobs use these sites to connect with employers. In this case, LinkedIn, a career-oriented social- networking service, is much help for job -seekers. This site allows users ‘ upload their resumes on their site and helps get them jobs. Thus, these social networking sites open up new vistas for job-seekers. However, along with the advantages these sites also have disadvantages. Users portray their lives in acclaimed manners on these social network sites. Occasionally, this makes other users feel inferior or jealous. What is more, users often get victims of cyber-bullying, sexual harassment, fraudulence, etc. Besides, students tend to spend much time on these sites wasting their valuable time and hamper their studies. However, these sites indeed have both advantages and disadvantages. So, whether these sites will be a boon or a bane, depends on the users. But it is expected that people will use these social network services for their good.

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