Study Tour Application

10 Oct 2021
The Principal
‘X’ college
Subject: Prayer for permission to go on a study tour.
With due respect, we, the students of XI, Section B, of your college,  would like to draw your attention to the fact that we want to go on a study tour. We all are aware that study tours stimulate learning beyond what textbooks can provide, and help get hand-on-learning. Also, the benefits of study tours are not limited to providing education. It has a profound effect on us. It gives us a chance to build closer bonds with our classmates, experience new cultures and customs, and environments. Moreover, it helps us to be compassionate and friendly towards others. Last but not the least, it also allows us to enjoy a day away from the classroom and helps us relieve the monotony of the daily grind of life.
So, if we have your permission we want to go on a study tour to Bandarban. It is a place of natural beauty. There we will get the chance to immerse ourselves in nature. And there also live many tribes. We will also get to know a new way of living, culture, and custom and enrich ourselves.
Therefore, we will be grateful to you if you allow us to go on a study tour to Bandarban and sanction 50000 takas only to make the necessary preparation.
Yours obediently
The students of class XI
Section B

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