Traffic Jam Paragraph

Traffic jam refers to such a situation when a long line of vehicles stands still or can only move slowly on a road. It has become an everyday occurrence in big cities and towns in our country. It brings unbearable suffering to the city dwellers. People fail to reach their destination on time due to traffic jams which causes a great loss to them, and their respective work and purposes. Besides, narrow roads of the congested areas result in the traffic jam. The rapid growth of the population and the increasing number of vehicles are also the two main reasons for traffic jams. The overtaking tendency is also responsible for the traffic jam. Unwillingness to obey the traffic rules is one of the reasons for a traffic jam. However, we can solve this problem by taking some constructive and planned steps. Firstly, broad roads should be built. Sufficient traffic police should be posted on the busiest and most important points to maintain the traffics on road. Unlimited vehicles should be removed and watched over. Last but not the least, the government should take steps to raise awareness of the traffic rules. Because awareness and obeyance of the traffic rules reduce traffic jams. To stop traffic jams all these aforesaid steps should be taken and materialized immediately.

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