Tree Plantation Paragraph

Tree plantation is the planting trees more in a planned way. Trees are essential for our very existence on the earth, and there is no alternative but tree plantation. No one can deny that trees nourish human existence providing us with all the necessities. Trees give us two of life’s essentials food and oxygen. When photosynthesis happens, trees take in carbon dioxide and release the oxygen we breathe in. Trees also absorb pollutants like carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen and thus filter the air. Trees absorb the sun’s heat and keep the weather cold too. They reduce the temperature of the earth and make it worth living. Trees give us shade and shelter. Many wild species depend on trees for their food and habitat. Also, trees protect soil from erosion. Trees have a wide variety of practical and commercial benefits too. Trees are used for building construction, furniture manufacture, tools, and lots of household items. Apart from these, trees add beauty to our landscape. Trees planted by the streets, parks, playgrounds create a peaceful environment around us. Trees improve our quality of life. Unfortunately, people are cutting down trees indiscriminately. We must replant trees more at the rate they are being cut off and take care of those to reap benefits. Thus, we can avoid the adverse impact of climate change. Otherwise, it may end up threatening our existence on earth.

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