Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh Composition

Unemployment is the state of an active member of the labor force who can work and is also in search of remunerative work but unable to find it. And this is one of the biggest problems the world is experiencing today. According to the UN’s International Labour Organization, global unemployment has increased by around 2.5 million in 2020, and this crisis continues. So, it is easily understood that economic growth can not create jobs proportionately. And it is also true that no substantial improvement is possible by keeping such a large part of the total population out of the work and it will also be unwise to rely on economic growth alone to fix it. So, Bangladesh has to go deeper into the problem and take the necessary steps in accordance with it.
It is expected that one problem will beget others. And unemployment is also no exception. It has become a matter of great concern of the sociologist in line with the economists. Along with obstructing the economic progress of the country, it also contributes to social degeneration. Because most of the unemployed people are young. As they do not have any work to do, they are more prone to get involved in anti-social activities like looting, rapes, murders, sabotage, hooliganism, etc.
Bangladesh suffers from this problem mainly for her being a populous country. Bangladesh has a population of nearly 16 crores. And it is increasing, day by day. But the employment opportunity is not proportional to its demand. This results in an acute unemployment problem in Bangladesh.
Our fragile education system also causes unemployment problems to rise to a great extent. Our education system is still theoretical-based. But it is necessary to emphasize hands-on education along with theoretical education for producing quality graduates. Unfortunately, most of the graduates in Bangladesh have no practical knowledge or skills except theoretical education. Also, the technical and vocational education system in Bangladesh cannot deal with the situation effectively due to the lack of skilled teachers and poor laboratory facilities.
Besides, the lack of skill development programmers is also responsible for the problems of unemployment. Today is an age of information technology. But there is little opportunity to make the best use of it due to the infrastructural shortages. Moreover, some other skills can make job-seekers worth for the job market and these are problem-solving skills, innovation skills,  communication skills, interpersonal skills, adaptation skills, social behavior skills. But no note-worthy skill development program is seen to be doing in Bangladesh. Thus job seekers are dropping out of the mainstream job market and remain unemployed.
Bangladesh also suffers from seasonal unemployment. Here, most of the people depend on agriculture directly or indirectly and it is seasonal work. So farmers have to remain idle for about half of the year. Other agro-based industries like the jute industry, sugar industry, etc also create seasonal unemployment.
It is also worth to note that more than 50 percent of the population is young in Bangladesh. They could be the future driver of the economy. Bangladesh has indeed failed to create adequate job opportunities for them. But the unwillingness of the youth to engage themselves in any self-employment makes this situation worse and them a burden on the country.
So, the Bangladesh government should take some immediate steps to solve this curse. The government needs to limit the rate of population growth most importantly. Vocational and technical and various skill development programs should be made available also. Last but not least to solve this problem the youth can play a major role in this regard. Not hankering after the job can they engage in self-employment and be a blessing in disguise. To speak the truth, we must go for planned and determined ways to solve the unemployment problem. Or the consequences will be grave.

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