Used to Meaning in English

We usually love to talk about our past life. We enjoy telling what we did or how we were in the past or our childhood. And is this case, the expression ‘used to’ is there to help us.
However, we use the expression ‘Used to’ to indicate those repeated actions happened in the past which we do not do in the present. ‘Used to’ is also used to refer to our those habits of the past life which we do not have now. Study the following examples:
1.When we were kids, we used to believe in fairy tales. (But we do not believe fairy tales now)
2.He used to smoke (he does not smoke now )
3.She used to have short hair (she has long hair now)
4.I used to watch a movie regularly. (I do not do this anymore)
‘Used to’ is past. There is no present form. We cannot say ‘use to’ to mean ‘used to’.
I used to swim
Not I use to swim.
The question form is did (you) use to……..?
Did you use to travel a lot when you were a young boy?
The negative form is did not use to (used not to) is also possible.
I did not use to play football
Or, I used not to play football

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