Victory Day Paragraph

Bangladesh achieved a resounding victory over the Pakistani army on 16 December 1971 after a nine-month-long bloodstained War of liberation under the charismatic leadership of Bangabandhu Sheik Mujibur Rahman. On this very day, the barbarous Pakistani army surrender the allied forces of Bangladesh. And Bangladesh emerged as a free and sovereign country in the world map. Bangladesh got her freedom but at the cost of the supreme sacrifice of three million people and the honor of nearly two lacs women. Since then on, Bangladesh celebrates 16 December as the victory day to commemorate the victory and the struggles and sacrifices. The people of Bangladesh observe this day with due fervor and solemnity. The day begins with 31gun shots at the National parade ground. Millions of people regardless of class, age, group, political parties come out on the streets and visit the national memorial at Savar, and pay tribute to the martyr of the liberation war. Many socio-cultural organizations hold colorful rallies; the national flag is hoisted from government, semi-government, and private offices all over the country; the radio and television channels broadcast special programs focusing on the liberation war. So to say, on victory day Bangladesh wears a festive look. The fiery 7th March speech of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and the patriotic songs fill the air. However, we must not limit ourselves only to celebrate this day; rather we must work hand in hand to materialize the dream of martyrs.

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