Watching Television Dialogue

Abrar: Hi Asif! How are you?

Asif: Fine. What about you?

Abrar: I am also fine. You look fatty. What do you do in your leisure time?

Asif: I watch TV in my leisure time.

Abrar: TV! Wonderful innovation. But too much time on the screen is not good. It has many bad effects.

Asif: Bad effect! What are these?

Abrar: Too much on-screen is harmful to our health. It develops obesity and heart disease of all ages. Sometimes it telecasts violent programs which makes children violent and aggressive. Sometimes spending too much time on tv decrease your rational thinking ability. It also hampers our study time.

Asif: Yes, you are right. We should right use of this wonder of science. We should not spend much time on TV, and watch excessive TV shows.

Abrar: Yes, we should only take the educative and entertaining program for a short period.

Asif: yes, oh thank you for this discussion. Bye.

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