When vs While

When we want to describe or talk about situations when an action happened in the middle of another longer action, we should follow the following rules:
When + subject + simple past tense +subject2 + past Continuous
Subject + past progressive + when + subject2 + simple past
James was listening to the BBC News when Harina phoned.
Point to be noted:- simple past tense is used for the new action.
Here phoned=new action
Ketty was playing when her father came.
He was singing when I got up.
I was watering the plant the snack bit me.
While is used to indicate the two actions that happened at the same time in the past. In that case, we should apply the following rules.
Subject1 + Past progressive + while + subject2 + past progressive
While + subject1 + Past progressive + subject2 + Past progressive

While Hena was watching tv, his mother was cooking
Nadia was dancing while Sherilyn was Facebooking.

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